My life has dramatically changed for the better with Bella’s coaching. We started with my loosing 60 lbs. My weight loss and diet changes eradicated my high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, I am now off medications for those ailments and currently I am almost off my diabetes medicine. I used to get sick intermittently, I no longer get sick. I now experience heart felt peace & I am continually joy filled. My relationships have improved and as I felt better about myself. Bella also coached me on my business. As a result my income increased exponentially. Over the last year Bella has loved me unconditionally, and is my cheerleader in every way. Of course I accomplished my goals. Now Bella coaches my friends and family.  I am deeply grateful for Bella being in my life.

JM NYC Business Owner


I meet Bella at a workshop she was giving on ‘Osteoporosis and Nutrition’. I was impressed with her vitality and her radiant healthy appearance. The information she was presenting was very current and right in line with everything I had read on ‘state of the art’ nutrition. I signed up to have her coach me on all of my health issues which included osteoporosis, exercise, diet, and nutrition, gastro-intestinal issues and extensive dental work. Less than one year later I have meet all my goals. 

Working with Bella is a pure joy. She has a wonderful loving and positive spirit. Every thing she does is focused on supporting her client in their efforts to reach their goals.  Bella is extremely knowledgeable and continues to educate herself on many levels.  Her approach is systematic and thorough with continual follow up and accountability. 

I could not have accomplished my present level of good health without Bella Garrison. I am deeply grateful for professionals of this quality.

Ronnie Beth Sauers


Bella is helping me to take back my health, to have the life I always wanted. l feel better quicker than I imagined- miraculous. She covers EVERYTHING, knows SO MUCH. She doesn't let me get away with excuses! She gives her best, encourages me to do the same. I have fibromyalgia, was in such pain, I could barely stand. I am so blessed to work with her.

SL Cornwall, NY


My experience with Bella as a practitioner has been nothing short of amazing!  She is open, warm, friendly, and focused allowing her clients to fully relax and feel safe while their individual process of healing unfolds.  Bella shows sensitivity toward her clients and their needs, allowing each person to express in those particular ways in which they feel most comfortable.  Every time I've worked with Bella she has given me the time I needed, never making me feel that "time was up" and/or I'm being pushed out the door.  She has always asked questions about my experience and listened with a sensitive, interested ear before, during, and after treatments.  Bella has even followed up a day or two later just to make sure I am well physically and emotionally sound.  More specifically, my well-being goals are to achieve a supportive, interactive, safe relationship with the practitioner I'm working with.  In my opinion, this is the greatest gift anyone could receive to encourage self-healing.  Bella offers this kind of relationship; naturally and organically every time we work together, which above all else, has truly encouraged and supported me through tremendous self-healing.  Bella CARES greatly about health and nutrition; she is a wealth of knowledge, and a kind, beautiful, guiding Spirit for those who seek balance.  Bella is truly a wonderful practitioner and an amazing human being!  I recommend her services to anyone and everyone inquiring the path toward health and well-being.



“I was pleasantly surprised that under Bella’s tutelage it wasn’t just about what I fed my body that she counseled my on, she also helped me look at what I “fed” my mind and spirit! 

TG Entrepreneur


Bella’s 12 week program guided me include what completely nourished my body and my diet permantely changed for the better. When I started eating more whole foods and exercising, I lost 30 pounds, and my energy level went up dramatically.  I am more productive as we created a schedule that is perfect for me. As a health coach, Bella is extremely knowledgeable, warm, and encouraging. 

NT New York City


I attribute an increase to my productivity, effort and passion for my workplace to the sessions I participated in with Bella Garrison as a life coach professional.  She has a unique talent along with training to develop new approaches and viewpoints towards career desires and goals, along with keeping a balance in life of self and family through spiritual concepts and awareness.

It is assuring to know that she is available for additional professional help as the need may arise. I recommend those looking for a means to enhance their life experiences to contact Bella and at least “open the door” to the possibilities that may otherwise go ignored.

R. Brisman NY


"Bella has helped & eased my husbands discomfort who has suffered terribly with lyme disease, more than his high paid alternative physician in NYC."



Bella's coaching helped me change my life to create the life I have wanted for 15 years. I accomplished goals that I haven't been able to accomplish. She lovingly listened and held me accountable even when some goals waxed and waned. In the end I achieved success with my health, life, and business goals, the true me now shines, and I experience joy daily. Bella to you I am forever grateful.  



“When I was gravely ill and bed ridden, my husband hired Bella to bring nutritious meals to me. Although I had very little appetite, her whole foods were something I cold eat a little of and get great benefit. Her cooking was delicious.
 Her presence was healing; loving and she even brought bird feeders and food and placed them outside my bedroom windows so that nature could heal me as well!
 Bella is very committed, talented, creative and knowledgeable of the healing power of foods. Her presence in session is very loving and professional. 
I’m happy to report that I am progressing well in my recovery and I know that Bella’s Healing Foods and holistic approach were an invaluable part of that process. ”

Judy W., RN, HNC
Board Certified Holistic Nurse
Holistic Health Works
Cornwall on the Hudson, NY “

I have been so appreciative for Bella's guidance to "refurbish" the whole "me". Bella's individual guidance and direction in food choices, nutritional supplements, more healthful food preparations have been most helpful. After approximately 3 months of incorporating her suggestions, I can honestly say, "I feel better". What I previously experienced as "dragging", & "feeling run down", has lifted. This "new" feeling will motivate me to continue to incorporate what I have learned.

Bella's lending library has helped offer support and guidance to ideas she has presented. The books offered the "other ways" of looking at food preparations and opening our eyes to other foods to try and incorporate into our daily menu. 

To complete the "whole me", Bella has offered spiritual guidance (not religious) & direction to find peace and contentment within myself.

Pat B Fishkill, NY


Being coached by Bella was way better than thought it was going to be. Initially I wasn’t really ok with it. However, after only 8 weeks and 8 sessions with Bella, I made big changes, in many different ways.  Working with Bella is a 10 out of 10. I addressed my spiritual side more than ever before. I really enjoy the way I look now and feel lost quite a bit of weight. I lost at least another 10 lbs, for a total of 25 lbs. I am so glad that the Dr. will notice that I lost more weight. My last physical the Dr. said my blood pressure was much better. The Dr. even wanted to know what I was doing.

Bella’s coaching added to my retirement because now I am feeling better and looking beyond other than what I am just doing. Now I think… what else can I do and I am not be afraid to do anything. For example… Golf – I am horrible at It. However, I pass up playing with friends because I am not good at golf. Now, I don’t care. I enjoy it. One of my desires is to play more golf The biggest thing I have gained is that I am playing golf for me. Bella’s coaching has made it much easier to focus on my life, health and weight loss goals rather than digress. I have been 98% on track. I am really happy with my progress. Now my wife and I just see Bella once about every 3-4 weeks.

Bob B Fishkill NY


Bella has been working with me for several months now. I am so happy with the changes we have been able to make, both in our nutritional health and in our daily lives. We have met and exceeded goals I would not have thought possible a few short months ago. My children are becoming so much more open to trying new foods. I am now more aware of how beneficial a few minor changes can be. We have also worked on ways to make our very hectic schedule more manageable, and she reminds me to support and encourage my children’s efforts, while affirming my own. Bella’s encouragement, support and coaching is making a huge differencein our lives…Thanks so much, Beth!” 

Diane M., Homemaker/massage therapist/herbalist, Mahwah NJ


"Working with Beth was an amazing experience, one that I was initially very intimidated by. Bella was amazing. She spent time talking to me and asking about my over all well being. I saw Bella after finishing a juice fast and was very emotional. Bella was supportive and calming. Bella at times guided through breathing and gentle care during our sessions. Her support made me realize that I needed to physically and emotionally to take care of myself. I was to communicate anything I needed to. I am now rejuvenated and have accomplished all of my goals. I also happen to be an Acupuncture student and understand the importance of client bed-side manner. Bella was superb in every way. Thank you so much."



"Thank you for a wonderful coaching experience! Bella offers such love and is consistent in her approach. She is the best coach whom I have ever had, as she helped me to feel totally safe, and able to more fully relax and achieve my weight loss goals.
Thanks so much, Bella"
 Kat K., M.A., Angel Therapist®, Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy® Practitioner


"I loved my sessions with Bella.  I LOVE Bella and her energy.  It truly was an amazing coaching experience.  I loved her approach, at times she offered aromatherapy to help me get through the difficult times, and just Bella as a whole keeps everything simple and peaceful for me.  She was so nurturing and kind and I really felt like I was guided through the experience, which was key to making this the best life changing experience and the best love & support I have ever had. 
Leslie B., Actress"


"Bella was awesome! She takes great care in her work and is very knowledgeable. After our sessions she followed up with letting me know things I can do daily to maintain optimal health."

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